Fall 2010 UWM Neighborhood Housing Editorial

At this point I’m sure most UWM students have their living and roommate situations sorted out for the semester, but for those who are still pondering roommate line-ups and those who will be pondering them in the future; consider a scenario that may play out in your lives and already has for many:

So you and your BFF (which means ‘best friend forever’ for those who aren’t fluent in
chatspeak) are like totally so excited that you’re like, going to the same college ‘n’ stuff and you’re going to live together and you have the best ideas for the interior decor and you’ll throw the hippest parties and have a rail to mid-quality liquor bottle trophy shelf that will make Bill Clinton’s liquor cabinet look like the mini bar at Motel 6.

You get the idea. Or do you?

A mistake I think many students who are new to renting and living on campus make is deciding to live with their best friend. Even though you’ve known each other since you were five and went to Aruba for spring break your senior year doesn’t mean your bestie will make the ideal roommate. For one, are you going to be able to maintain a clean and healthy environment where you can accomplish your goals and pursue your passions while living with this person, or are you going leave passive-aggressive notes on the fridge because he/she doesn’t do the dishes? Are you going to feel obligated to hang out with this person all the time because you’re partners in crime? Are you going to get on each others nerves to the point of an emotional meltdown that ruins your friendship?

Before that happens, stop and take a moment to examine your friendship and think
about why you are such good friends to begin with. Are you partners in crime because you have opposite but complimentary personalities? Do you have same hobbies, passions, careers goals, lifestyle. etc.? Besides that, living with your best friend is too comfortable. College is a time for new experiences, expanding horizons, meeting new people and networking. “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know,” as they say, and in my experience ‘they’ are right. How many of these people that ‘they’ say you need to know are you actually going to meet hanging out with the usual suspects all the time?

If you are in or find yourself in the above situation, weigh the pro’s and cons thoroughly. Your friendship depends on it. If you’re pressured by a friend to live with them and you don’t want to, be honest and straight forward. If they value the friendship at all, they’ll understand and respect your decision.

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